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Hana Szarowski is painter and illustrator with a focus on acrylic art, illustrations and murals.

Hana was born in Karviná, Czech Republic in 1991. Since childhood she plays the piano and works with horses. Later she started to focuse on history of art and fashion, languages and writing.

One of the main subjects of her paintings is life and fashion of past centuries, baroque riding and the theme of time and immortality.
Art and inspiration

'Most of my paintings are inspired by 19th century romanticism and fashion. But there is also the theme behind, for me much more important. Life, beauty of existence and the idea of immortality, as most of my characters on canvas are supposed to be wandering around all those centuries, dwelling in eternity and rejoice in beauty of life.

After all whole ‘Back to Earth’ gallery deals with the nature of time, questioning its existence and suggesting the idea of us standing beyond it and playing with it as it pleases us. And also alludes to the freedom, gracefulness and own will in very basis of each being, its soul.

Yet, I must admit I am very fond of the 19th century, the way life flowed these times, the politeness and passion for elegance and actual beauty. I consider it's fashion very charming, especially the uniqueness of every dress and accessories typical for these times, but also the way of emphasizing woman figure, and thereby expressing its elegance and grandeur.

Talking about this time period, one can’t forget, its inherent old English parks, cafes with iron chairs and fresh flowers on tables. But I can't deny even the beauty of divine baroque, empire and polite, yet daring and ironical rococo. Even the idea of a mediaeval castle hidden in morning mist has its own undeniable charm.'